Harvey Nash launch GL campaign to help shape the future of education

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Posting date: 03 May 2019

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

It is often lost on us is that every child learns best at different times, by different methods and in different environments. The ‘one size fits all’ approach is not adequate to fully equip our children with knowledge and information, and most importantly, to prepare them for adult life.

Our partner GL Education realises this and is investing in our children’s futures by offering assessments that improve teachers’ understanding of every student and help them achieve their full potential..


GL Education have put in place a strategy to transform both culture and technology

With an established global reach and products that are present in over half of UK secondary schools, the company is embarking on a major transformation programme that will change education for the better.

GL Education offers assessments that identify ability, measure attainment and pinpoint barriers to learning; their products include the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4), the New Group Reading Test, and the Progress Test Series in English, Maths and Science. Not only this, but schools who use these assessments are provided with data and analysis to allow them to tailor an approach to suit the needs of every child. Digital delivery means that schools receive this information immediately, meaning they can act immediately, too.


Innovative ways of assessment GL Offer are empowering children who would otherwise be left behind

Such is the reputation of GL Education on an international scale, they recently secured a 10-year contract with Shanghai-based General Plan Menco Education Group, to play a pivotal role in fuelling teacher training and consultancy to Chinese state schools using a Mandarin edition of one of their leading digital assessments; a huge, complex and exciting digital project.

To enable them to continue shaping the future of education, they are evolving their core business platform to adhere to four key pillars of their long-term digital strategy. These are: to future- proof the organisation, deliver new products, enhance their existing portfolio of products (thereby ensuring improved customer usability), and to utilise data analytics to its full potential.

Recently appointed CTO, Ian Tufts, has developed a defined, robust plan from both a technology and cultural perspective, to allow the company to achieve their lofty ambitions and to grant children the greatest possible opportunity to gain real value from their education, the most powerful resource of all.

To assure successful delivery of this strategy, we are seeking empowered and creative personnel, who want to make a real difference, to join up with the fantastic technology team as GL look to drive through an industry defining programme of work. To be part of the dynamic team  or to find out more about our GL Education campaign, visit The Harvey Nash/GL Education microsite today.