Q & A with Michael Bartley – Graduate Researcher

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Posting date: 07 March 2019
Find a company whose values match your own. If you do you’ll love your workplace.’

When did you first consider Recruitment as a possible career?

When I was coming towards the end of my degree I had made the decision that I didn’t want to proceed down a legal route as a career. This was for a number of reasons including the ridiculously long process/applications they make graduates go through and the realisation that I had fallen out of love with all the reading that it would take to become a top solicitor. 

All of the above was just telling me that it was not the route I wanted to pursue and so I had to find something else that fitted my skillset. I believed the pace and excitement offered by recruitment made it a perfect match.

What about the Recruitment role appealed to you?

The fast paced environment has always fitted well with the way I like to work, but the meritocratic nature of the job was what appealed to me most; this unharnessed ability to earn great money through doing a really good job. The harder we work the more we are rewarded and that is something that is really exciting to a graduate.

Michael Bartley

As a driven individual I was always looking for an environment that rewards those who work hard and do well.

What do you love about the job?

Each day I get to speak to different people. I’m have the opportunity to speak to candidates and clients from all sorts of different industries and locations. I also love the people I work with. Our office is full of great, like-minded people and whilst we all work hard we have a good time doing it. I’ve made some good friends in my first 6 months and hope to carry on doing so in the future.

What made you choose Harvey Nash?

The culture of the business. The people really do make this job and what I’ve seen so far Harvey Nash look after their people very well. As soon as I started the recruitment process they were interested in me as a person, not just a graduate. They were interested in my likes and dislikes not just the usual education and work experience background. I had an interview within a couple of days of applying and it felt like a great place to work as soon as I walked in.

6 months in what challenges are you currently facing?

I’m still very much learning all the technology jargon that is not only used in the office but by clients and candidates alike. This is my first job in the technology space so I guess this will just take some time and a lot of learning.

What advice would you give to a graduate considering a career in Recruitment?

Go for it! It teaches you brilliant skills and offers you a great career path straight out of University. Find a company whose values match your own. If you do you’ll love your workplace.