My first year in Recruitment

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Posting date: 07 February 2019

About Harvey Nash

We are Harvey Nash, we provide technology talent to some of the world’s best companies. We take consummate pride in the fact that our people are changing the technology playing field, it’s amazing to know that we are helping shape the digital world around us. Our responsibility is to improve our partner’s technology capability, enabling them to meet their digital destinies and evolve their businesses. We are based across all of Europe, USA and AsiaPac, meaning that we truly are global leaders, acting with integrity and quality to provide a truly unique service. Our talented people provide services across; technology recruitment, executive search and IT outsourcing.

We are a global business, with 50 offices spanning Europe, North America, Australia and East Asia, but here you’ll never feel like just another employee. Working for us, you’ll have the long term stability, financial backing, and professionalism of a global organisation, with the flexibility and feel of a start-up.

Jake Harman

When did you first consider Recruitment as a possible career?
I first considered a career in recruitment in my final year of 6th form. After doing work experience in insurance and having my mind narrowly set on that, I spoke to a member of my rugby team; he used to work in insurance but made the change to recruitment and told me how much better it is in terms of work enjoyment and potential earnings. Given my competitive nature and money motivated mindset it seemed like an obvious career choice that I had never considered.

What about the Recruitment role appealed to you?

My initial appeal to recruitment was the potential earnings and the meritocratic system it is based off. Being a commission based job, the earning potential is massive and you can earn good money quickly, whilst also being able to build a real long term career.

What do you love about the job?
For me the best part about my job is the satisfaction of doing a deal. You know all the hard work has been worth it. Also the working environment at Harvey Nash is enjoyable, they are selective during the interview process so have built out a good team that work well together.


What made you choose Harvey Nash?
For me the decision was simple – after researching Harvey Nash and visiting the offices I realised that Harvey Nash was not your average recruitment firm. The growth and success Harvey Nash has had over the past 30 years is exceptional and is a growing organisation that gives you the chance to grow and progress with it. Due to its pure size there will always be opportunities for you to move around internally in the business and it is clear they will support you with any career choices made.

6 months in what challenges are you currently facing?
For me the biggest challenge in contract recruitment is being able to find the best people in the market in the quickest time possible. Having to find the best talent before other agencies really brings out the competitive nature in me. There is nothing worse than finding a great candidate that has already been sent for the same role by another agency.

What advice would you give to a graduate considering a career in Recruitment?
My advice would be to go for it! Speak to people who have been or are in recruitment so you can gain a good understanding of the day to day job. Also I would look in to the company you are interviewing at, and choose an industry that you are interested in.